August 1st, 2014: It’s Getting CLOSER


I already bought my ticket for one of those early Thurs. night screenings (the new midnight showings, just few hours earlier, and for some reason, still count as Friday???), for the next MARVEL film, Guardians of the Galaxy.  And it’s getting closer…. Now, I haven’t seen a movie in theaters since Captain America: The Winter […]

I Feel Like I’m Surrounded By Morons; and Some Politics Notes


I unfortunately live in North Carolina, which if you’ve followed any bit of U.S. political news, is a state that has become quite batshit crazy [let’s see “Governor Denying Representation to Minority-Heavy District,” “Anti-Sharia Law,” “The Abortion Restriction Written Into a Motorcycle Safety Bill” (because, you know, motorcycles, uterus, who can tell the difference), oh […]

Inconsiderate Assholes

[WARNING: This is me just venting] AND, I apologize for creating a rambling venting post, just 2 days after apologizing for not having any posts lately.  I will eventually post something with more substance, until then, allow me to vent away It’s the summer, & I live near the beach. Right now, I’m working at […]

Sorry for lack of updates

Binary Code

It’s the summer, so work is busy and I don’t have time nor feel much like doing anything, so maybe when things calm down (say after Labor Day), I’ll feel like doing some posts again.  Until then, there’s always the Twitter feed, quick posts and easy retweets.  I’m @awesomelyaloof, there is a box located on the […]

Who You Gonna Call? 30 Years of Ghostbusters

Ghostbusters logo

Already several times this year, I have taken time to celebrate the anniversary of a particular movie. Back in February, I looked back on Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure after 25 years of existence, and in March, the 15th anniversary of The Matrix. Now it’s all about Ghostbusters, because on June 7, 1984, one of […]

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