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    Think I may take my little sister to see it tomorrow in the early afternoon hr.  Not in 3D, only one theater nearby has 3d, and it only shows at 7pm.  I’m thinking it prob doesn’t benefit in 3D really, so my sister is just gonna have to live with it.  One day I’ll get her to a movie in 3D (maybe as soon as Ant-Man, depending on the inconvenient limited times our puny movie theaters (2 to choose from within 20min frame, BTW, only 1 does 3D) screen it at).


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    ‘What’s Up’ by 4 Non Blondes
    I finished #Sense8 last week, but this song is still in my head. Been a long time since I’ve seen the video, but played it in my head some when the characters were singing the song on the Netflix series, and just a few days ago I remembered we had the cassette tape for their album, ah #90sNostalgia


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Quick Note: Summer Season Means Working More….

…therefore, no time to really write a full blog post.  For any news updates, as always, I’ll tweet/retweet what’s going on.  So, despite the full week we had last week (ACA subsidies upheld, many places removing confederate flag items, and, oh, yeah MARRIAGE EQUALITY is real! NATIONWIDE now! While I would love to sit and […]

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Binary Code

As anyone could notice at the top of the page, I’ve got Tumblr posts.  One might ask, why get a Tumblr when you have a blog.  Simple, I like to think Tumblr as being between the extreme word limitations of Twitter and the fullness of WordPress.  Having Tumblr means sharing posts quickly that can appear […]

Quick Note on TV Pilots Posts


I do want to quickly note, while it basically looks like I have no interest in a lot of the pilots the networks had ordered, opinions can very much change with a trailer. Usually when they announce what shows they ordered to series (again, mid-May is when the upfronts occur), video clips or trailers tend […]

Special Quick Earth Day Post


I can’t let the day end without posting something related to Earth Day. First, I want to note some easy things I think EVERYBODY can do to better help the environment: 1) Use reusable shopping bags.  I myself have about 6 I’ve bought, since I would forget to put them back in the car, so now […]

TV Pilots 2015-2016: Saving ABC for Last


Next month is May.  Sometime in the middle of that month is when networks announce renewals/cancellations of what hasn’t already been determined.  They also announce new shows that join their schedule, again, if such an order hasn’t already been made. I’ll hopefully deal with all broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, and the CW).  And for sanity, […]

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