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  • Republicans Call for Babyproofed Debates

    Republicans are cowards, they don’t want to answer the real questions about their politics. And they complain that Democrats got easy questions, but this video showcases the questions they got during their debate, and they also got tough political questions, they just don’t complain.  

    BTW, Trevor Noah has been doing very well, I enjoy watching every night it’s new


  • (via

    I find it annoying that WB/DC would feel the need to put Batman somewhere in a Wonder Woman movie. If he is gonna be in it, and it’s substantial (the once Man of Steel sequel that’s now not a sequel has more Batman), I wouldn’t consider this a solo Wonder Woman film, meaning MARVEL can still beat DC with Captain Marvel (as long as they don’t feel the need to add someone else to it) when it comes to female lead superhero film. Besides, Wonder Woman doesn’t need Batman, we’ve been waiting for a solo Wonder Woman for SO LONG. Everything else sounds pretty great, just think it can be done w/o Batman


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20 Years Ago, We Went to Infinity and Beyond!

Toy Story is a classic, no doubt.  The PIXAR film was the first completely computer animated feature film, and Disney struck gold when they distributed the film (and in 2006, Disney naturally paid $7.4 BILLION dollars for the studio).  And it all started on November 22, 1995, with the release of Toy Story.  The film […]

Supergirl premiered last night…


…and I just want to make a quick post about how people need to watch it.  Is it the best superhero show? No.  Though, only the pilot aired, The Flash‘s debut last year is still better (IMO).  However, there are people who complain about the lack of lead female superhero roles (whether movie or TV, […]

Defiance, Dominion Cancelled


Just a quick news post.  In the last week, Syfy has announced the cancellations of both Dominion and Defiance.  It really was a no brainer.  I did watch both shows, but have yet to watch the last Defiance ep (fearing it would get canned, & I hate a possible cliffhanger with no resolution, did the […]

The Flash and iZombie return to TV tonight


As I type this, it’s only one hour to the premiere of the 2nd season of the CW’s The Flash and 2 ’til the 2nd for iZombie, also on the CW. ABC’s MARVEL’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. returned last week, so now, Tuesday is officially the most super day of TV in the week.  AoS (Marvel) […]

Updated My Top 20 Favorite Shows for 2015


FINALLY, overnight summer schedule it over, so I updated my list.  While renewal/cancellation news is still unknown for Defiance, I’m positive it wouldn’t matter if it did manage a renewal anyway.  It’s not in my top 20, it’s just not.  I haven’t watched the finale yet, and don’t really feel like I’m missing much.   Also […]

This Time Next Year….


…you could be celebrating Independence Day by going to the theaters and watching the (unnecessary) sequel to Independence Day (just a few weeks ago, it was officially titled Independence Day: Resurgence), and then wonder, why the fuck is it being released on June 24, 2016, & not July 1st (the Friday before July 4)?  I will […]

Quick Note: Summer Season Means Working More….

…therefore, no time to really write a full blog post.  For any news updates, as always, I’ll tweet/retweet what’s going on.  So, despite the full week we had last week (ACA subsidies upheld, many places removing confederate flag items, and, oh, yeah MARRIAGE EQUALITY is real! NATIONWIDE now! While I would love to sit and […]

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