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  • TV Show Car Crashes, T-Bones Galore

    I’m writing today because I just finished watching last night’s ‘Heroes Reborn,’ which featured yet another T-bone car crash.  If you don’t know what that is, that is where one car is driving, and when they cross an intersection, someone plows into their side.  It’s happening too much on TV, sometimes impossibly (can’t remember the show, but one was not in the city, but in the country where anyone driving would see each other).  In many cases, they are impossible when they are done on purpose.  You know, the bad guy hits the good guy (how they know they’ll cross that intersection, and when?).  It happens so much, every time people are driving, esp. if they are running away from something, I think, “here it comes, any second now, wait…and boom”.  Seriously, STOP IT!


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Updated My Top 20 Favorite Shows for 2015


FINALLY, overnight summer schedule it over, so I updated my list.  While renewal/cancellation news is still unknown for Defiance, I’m positive it wouldn’t matter if it did manage a renewal anyway.  It’s not in my top 20, it’s just not.  I haven’t watched the finale yet, and don’t really feel like I’m missing much.   Also […]

This Time Next Year….


…you could be celebrating Independence Day by going to the theaters and watching the (unnecessary) sequel to Independence Day (just a few weeks ago, it was officially titled Independence Day: Resurgence), and then wonder, why the fuck is it being released on June 24, 2016, & not July 1st (the Friday before July 4)?  I will […]

Quick Note: Summer Season Means Working More….

…therefore, no time to really write a full blog post.  For any news updates, as always, I’ll tweet/retweet what’s going on.  So, despite the full week we had last week (ACA subsidies upheld, many places removing confederate flag items, and, oh, yeah MARRIAGE EQUALITY is real! NATIONWIDE now! While I would love to sit and […]

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Binary Code

As anyone could notice at the top of the page, I’ve got Tumblr posts.  One might ask, why get a Tumblr when you have a blog.  Simple, I like to think Tumblr as being between the extreme word limitations of Twitter and the fullness of WordPress.  Having Tumblr means sharing posts quickly that can appear […]

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