Spidey Slings to MCU


It’s been rumored for quite some time, given Sony’s lackluster Amazing Spider-Man 2 performance at the box office (the lowest domestic take for the comic book superhero), and the Sony hacks that leaked details regarding Sony wanting to work with MARVEL. But it is now official. Spider-Man will come over to the MARVEL Cinematic Universe, […]

Quick Note: VOTE!!!

November 4, 2014 is election day. Specifically, the midterms. Republicans are said to take control of the Senate, and here’s why we can’t let that happen: Judicial Nominees Simply put, if the GOP control the Senate, Obama’s picks for federal judges won’t get confirmed, since appointees must be confirmed by the Senate. It’s how the […]

If You Don’t Vote, Then Don’t Complain


It’s that simple. Two years ago, President Obama was re-elected, because a majority of the people in this country as a whole, want what he was campaigning on. Yet, the House stayed in Republican control, and while the Senate remained to the Democrats, Senate rules have allowed the minority party (the Repubs) to filibuster EVERYTHING. […]

Fall 2014 TV Is Upon Us


Tonight, we welcome three new series: Scorpion on CBS, a special premiere of Forever on ABC, and the highly anticipated Gotham on FOX.  In the next few weeks, we will have more new shows to keep up with: numerous new comedies between ABC and NBC (notably, Selfie on ABC, is my pick), and the DC universe […]

Anti-Vaxxers Should be Ashamed of Themselves


It may sound harsh, but it’s true. I’ve been meaning to post about this, because I strongly feel that when people choose not to vaccinate their kids, they are not only putting their own kids at risk, but others as well. Specifically, kids who legitimately can’t get a vaccine because of actual health reasons (allergies), […]

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